Marina Heuvelman

Born in Tokyo Japan, 1992

BA Fine Arts, Royal Academy of Art the Hague 2017



2013 - 2018 Fine Arts, KABK
2012 - 2015 Bio-farmaceutical science, University Leiden



SBK - SBK Sprouts Young Talents 2018, Amsterdam


2018 Art the Hague – Har art Gallery, Den Haag
2018 Het Nieuwe Etsen - De Grafische Werkplaats, Den Haag
2018 Nest (residency) - Mint, S/ASH Gallery Rotterdam
2018 Best of graduates – Ron Mandos, Amsterdam
2018 Here we are – Graduation show, KABK, Den Haag
2017 Nokia’s tagline – MOOF, Den Haag
2017 Marcel van Eeden en Barbara Seiler workshop exhibition - KABK, Den Haag
2016 Crystal Maze – Den Haag
2016 Geschmakt! – Gemak, Den Haag
2013 International artist’s exhibition - The OudeRechtbank, Eindhoven

I have worked to combine the necessity to create and the desire to understand the unknown. Using various forms of media, I study my attraction to color, shape and materiality. Where verbal thoughts fall short, image takes over creating an own entity in the studio. The flow one finds themselves in reflect an inner dialog. After accumulating an abundance of extractions, one tends to restructure to find narrative. The moment the work is assembled, it is free from me and becomes something elusive. The physical symbolism is something I have made with my physical reach and becomes larger than me.